Fabricated Pipes

When it comes to the Pipe & Tank Sector, Brown Engineering has you covered. Brown Engineering Group has in recent years had exposure to four large piping contracts in the form of penstock pipes for hydropower schemes in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe. These contracts involved processing up to 700 tons (per contract) of hot-rolled coil ranging in thickness from 5mm to 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm sheets.

Brown Engineering Group has handled all aspects of these contracts from procurement to rolling, fabricating, abrasive blasting and industrial coating. Of interest is that the epoxy coating and abrasive blasting surface areas per contract were in the region of 25000m2 to 30000m2 which are sizeable areas in terms of these types of contracts.

Pipe Components

Brown Engineering Group has produced various accessories for piping projects such as flanges, reducers and scour and riser pipes.

Fuel Tanks

Brown Engineering Group has been part of the fuel tank fabrication industry for many years. We produce underground and above ground tanks as well as twin skinned tanks in a range of sizes to SAZ and BS EN 12285 standards. Our range of standard sizes and specifications include:

  • 500l, 2200l, 3300l, 4900l, 5000l, 10000l, 15000l, 20000l, 25000l, 30000l, 35000l, 40000l, 45000l, 50000l, 60000l, 70000l, 80000l, 90000l.
  • Tanks can be compartmentalized to hold different products, e.g. a 60000l tank can be converted to hold 20000l each of paraffin, petrol and diesel.
  • Accessories such as pumps, gravity kits and tank stands are stocked as standard accessories.
  • We also offer fuel bowsers for farm and site usage (non-highway).

Our engineers can offer knowledgeable advice and information regarding civil work requirements such as bunding and containment slabs, as well as ZERA installation regulations

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Water Bowsers and Water Tank Stands

Brown Engineering Group has produced an array of steel water reservoirs, water bowsers, various tanks & water tank stands.