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Brown Engineering Group has come up with many practical designs for various Church organization’s requiring structures to accommodate their congregations. Due to the funding nature of these projects Church organizations may start off with a simple structure that may be added to in phases and in the later stages of these developments the masonry aspects of the design can be built around the structure.

Distribution & Logistics Buildings

Brown Engineering Group has the design expertise and experience to give users of this type of building practical solutions to meet their needs. Our taper framed buildings make a perfect solution for wide uninterrupted spans suitable for these types of buildings.  Spans in excess of 40m are achievable. Our teams have worked on many of these buildings where factors such as traffic flow and practical aspects of loading bay configuration, loading canopy heights as well as forklift access and egress need to be considered. Our engineering team can produce prototype 3D designs to help customers envisage a building that will suit their needs.

Fuel Canopies

Brown Engineering Group has a range of standard canopies to suit various sizes of forecourts from one to six island forecourts.

Retail Buildings

Retail Buildings require some ‘design flare’ to set them apart from standard ‘warehouse’ or ‘shed’ buildings. Often these buildings have unique ‘arcade billboard’ or ‘landmark entrance’ features to try and achieve this ‘design flair’.  Brown Engineering Group has erected steel structures for retail centers for customers such as Old Mutual Property and Bathroom Boutique.  These structures require a high-quality fabrication and paint finish that appeals to the customer shopping in this environment.  Our company possesses advanced design software to detail bespoke solutions as well as plasma cutting technology and the like to ensure a high-end fabrication finish.  See our links to Customer Success Stories for a preview of what we could do for you regarding your retail structure.

School Facilities

Brown Engineering Group has fabricated various types of structures for school facilities including: Gymnasiums, classrooms, bus shelters, indoor hockey field coverings and sports pavilions to name a few.  The structures we have produced range from simple ‘shed-like’ structures to more complex parabolic looking structures typically acquainted with high-end sporting facilities.

Warehouse/Wholesale Buildings

Warehouse/Wholesale buildings tend to need large uninterrupted spans in-order for the tenant to achieve maximum utility. As with other types of structures, warehousing can be for general use or very specific. Certain types of warehousing may be specialist such as Tobacco Warehousing, where racking and storage heights are key considerations in the design. Some types of warehouses have multi-level requirements where forklift or elevator access and loading points are key. Whatever your requirement Brown Engineering Group has the experience to deliver your warehousing project.