General Farm Shed

Brown Engineering Group has many years of experience of annually erecting between 30,000m2 and 50,000m2 of general farm structures (Agriculture Buildings) in the Southern African region including structures in Malawi, Angola, Tanzania, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Our general farm sheds can be utilized for a broad range of uses from workshops to implement storage units to tobacco grading sheds etc. Our farm structures tend to be lattice structures that are very lightweight, cost-effective structures. These structures can be pre-welded or flat packed for transporting long distances within the region. Our engineering team works closely with our clients to tweak and modify our general farm structures to give our customers the utility they desire.


Brown Engineering Group has undertaken livestock-related structures (livestock sheds) including dairy and pig production units. We work closely with these specialized producers considering best practices for housing their livestock such as correct roof pitches, insulation and ventilation considerations.

Manager's House

Our small simple structures make for a very cost effective and quick solution for management houses or farm offices whereby a lightweight structure can be erected very quickly, and the farmer's builder can then brick in the walls very quickly.

Pack house

Brown Engineering Group has undertaken many pack house related projects over the years. These include packhouses for Avos, Citrus, Macadamias, Plantation crops like tea as well as for horticultural setups.  We have also undertaken more specialized packhouse/agro-processing projects such as a recent project for African Preserves whereby the client required a bespoke agro-processing and pack house facility for Bell Peppers.

Poultry Sheds

Brown Engineering Group has undertaken poultry projects for the likes of Surrey Huku Zimbabwe. We have designed structures for broiler and egg production purposes. Poultry projects have some key vital considerations to ensure project success, such as project location, shed ventilation, insulation and heating factors. Well thought out phased expansion plans as well as logistical issues such as year-round adequate access roads, dead-bird composting and litter storage are all considerations that a poultry shed supplier needs awareness of to help customers deliver successful projects. Brown Engineering Group has a practical approach that considers these technical aspects to ensure customer success.