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Tobacco Curers

Tobacco Curers come in various shapes & sizes, please visit our Tobacco Curer section for more information by clicking the button below.

Tobacco Grading and Handling

Brown engineering manufactures all the equipment necessary to handle, grade, and bail your tobacco after it is unloaded from your curer.

The slat pack box has been designed for farmers who want to pack their tobacco into slat packs during the curing season for grading at the end of the season. A bale press can be used for the same job but is more expensive than the slat pack box and jack.

There are 3 bailing box options, the economy bail box, the standard bail box and the jumbo bale box. The economy bale box is paired with the economy hand press while the standard can be used with our electric press. The jumbo bale box is used to press 500kg slat packs with the jumbo electric press. This offers a higher density storage option but requires a forklift to stack the slat packs.

We offer bailing boxes with 2 or 4 wheels and an option for a complete bail box setup on rails with a travers and bale box scale.

The bail press is used to press tobacco into bails, ready for transport to the floors. Either a hand bale press or an electric bale press can be chosen. The electric bale press saves on time and labour and can reach a production rate of 1 bale every minute.

6m, 9m, or 12m conveyor grading tables are available. The tables decrease the labour requirement during grading and increase the grading’s team throughput and efficiency.

Hopefully the amount of scrap produced is minimal, however if it is not then the grading trommel is vital to sift through the scrap and pull out the extra kgs of tobacco worth selling.

For small scale farmers using conventional or rocket barns, we supply 11” flue pipes and 14” chimney sections. The sections come in lengths of 1ft, 2ft, 4ft, and 6ft and have a male and female end so that they can be easily joined together. We also manufacture the 1ft heavy starter flue and the saddle T and Lobster bends.

Another version of the flue pipe is the brick-built flue with a cover flue sheet. These are available on request and can be supplied in bulk.

The furnace door is vital for increasing the efficiency of barns for small scale farmers. BE has designed numerous, cost effective furnace doors to be sold to large tobacco companies and distributed to small scale farmers around Southern Africa.

The Kurt machine is used by small scale farmers to reap tobacco onto strings. We can supply these machines in large volumes if required.

The V- Slot is used in building the furnace in small scale tobacco barns. It shapes the bottom of the furnace by allowing the builders to build a V shape slot into the furnace floor. Air is drawn through the V-slot into the fire which aids burning. This simple piece of equipment, along with a furnace door greatly increases the efficiency of the furnace.

Heating & Furnace Equipment

BEG Designs and Installs a multitude of heating solutions for different industries. There are three heating categories that can be considered:

Although BEG has developed a lot of knowledge on heating systems from the tobacco industry. We have used the same equipment and principals in other applications such as heating air for drying grain, macadamias, onions, peppers, garlic, herbs and wood. We have developed practical and reliable solutions to monitor and control temperature and humidity and can design them into any system you require.

We have three types of heat-sources to choose from, a dry heat exchanger, a kettle and radiator system or a boiler and radiator system. Along with the heat exchanger, we supply all the temperature control equipment, the furnace bricks, the furnace fan, the stoker the radiators, the electrics, variable speed drives and fans ranging in size from 0.5Hp to 30HP. We can supply either axial flow fans with contra rotation options or centrifugal fans. The fans can be either chain, belt or directly driven. Please contact us for more information.

Heating water for domestic use, agricultural use or industrial use are all options available at BEG. We offer the following boilers and kettles 75l, 250l, 300l, 530l, 1000l, 1325l, 2700l, 3390l, 3700l, 4300l and 4700l. Provided with the boilers or kettles are all the temperature control systems, the furnace bricks, the stoker, the furnace fan and the pumps. Some example projects include heating water to pump through a greenhouse to warm the environment for roses, heating water for a crocodile farm, and domestic showers for a safari camp.

BEG produces boilers capable of producing up to 1100kg of steam per hour at 3 bar pressure. Provided with the boilers are all the temperature control systems, the furnace bricks, the stoker, and the furnace fan.

Misting Systems

Brown Engineering Group is a proud partner of Tecno Cooling Systems, an Italian company that specializes in misting systems. The Misting systems are used to control the humidity or temperature of an environment by spraying high pressure water through small nozzles which creates a fine mist. As the water particle evaporate, the humidity is increased, and the environment is cooled by a process called evaporative cooling. Long lines of misters are used in warehouses or packsheds with humidity probes to automatically monitor and control the humidity. Fans can also be used to circulate the cool moist air. BEG stocks all the components and can design and install a system according to your specifications. For more information, please visit www.tecnocooling.com

We have designed a 14m trailer to carry the head of a combine harvester. The trailer can carry up to a 5-ton head and can easily be towed behind a tractor or combine. This enables the combine to drive down small farm roads hassle free.

This is a versatile 2-wheel trailer that can be linked with up to 4 other trailers in a row. The trailer can be fitted with rails to carry a tobacco trolley on it or can have a wooden deck, or a wood deck with sides, or fitted with a removable 1000l water bowser. One trailer with different add-ons makes a cost-effective multipurpose trailer.

The standard farm trailer is a 6m or 4m heavy duty 4-wheel trailer. The trailer can be fitted with either a wooden deck or a steel deck. Sides are optional.

Brown Engineering manufactures a standard 2500l farm water bowser with a single axle. Other options include a farm trailer mounted with a flat bottomed 1000l plastic tank, or a farm fuel bowser with a 1000l horizontal steel tank complete with either a 230V fuel pump or a 12V fuel pump with filter, meter and easy fill hose.

Wire Products

BEG manufactures 89”, 90” and 91” bale ties used in the cotton industry. Each batch of wire is tested before it is used for the manufacture of the bale ties to ensure it passes the international standards. Both the breaking strength and the knot strength are tested. In full production, BEG can manufacture up to 140 000 per week.

9” and 4” brickforce are manufactured at BEG. We make our own brickforce for all our projects, but it is available for retail too.

The manipular clip is a wire product used to hold tobacco leaves on a trolley or in a curing unit while the tobacco cures. The manipular clip was invented by Strath Brown and was the initial product which kicked started the company. It revolutionized the tobacco industry by reducing the amount of labour required to reap tobacco, and it greatly reduced the amount of scrap produced due to handling.

The Talita clip is an alternate to the Manipular clip which utilizes springs to grip tobacco in place. The Talita clip is also manufactured by BEG.

An electric fence offset is a wire product manufactured by BEG used to hold a plastic insulator through which a strand of the electric fence wire runs. The offset is mounted on a standard diamond mesh or barbed wire fence.

Grain Drying & Handling

Brown Engineering Group has manufactured many heat exchangers for grain dryers and basic grain drying systems. If all goes according to plan, 2019 will be the first year where we will, design, manufacture and install a complete grain drying facility with a continuous flow grain dryer, grain storage silos and all the lifting and handling equipment necessary.