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Antenna Brackets

BEG has assisted companies such as Huawei, Telone as well as other ICT providers with various Antenna Bracket Fabrication projects. We have exported for these same companies to Malawi and Zambia. Typically, these brackets are hot dipped galvanized finish.


Brown Engineering Group has produced a range of billboards over the years from small to large. We have experience with foundation design and installation of these structures.

Boiler Chimneys

Boiler chimneys need to be designed and fabricated in a manner that aides erection in a modular and logical manner. BEG has the expertise to design the structural aspects from foundations to fabrication of the plate work to rigging these structures.

Pedestrian Bridges

BEG has installed pedestrian/fly over walkway bridges such as at the Old Mutual East Gate Centre.  These jobs involve a high degree of preparation and design and fabrication accuracy, as they must typically be installed over short duration periods whilst roads are closed off to traffic. See our Customer Success Stories section for more information.

Toll Gates

During the various stages of ZINARA upgrades to our highways BEG, has been a proud supplier to ZINARA of temporary toll gate structures as well as involved with fabrication and installation of the permanent structures and toll booth crash barriers.