‘Hi there, my name’s Al Sole, General Manager of Brown Engineering Group. Thanks for taking the time today to read my message.

We want you to buy Brown’s for one reason: Convenience – nothing more, nothing less. 

In today’s world all competitors must come to the party with quality - we are all required to have competitive pricing structures – these are a pre-requisite for the game.

Today’s world is full of competitors. Our products have become generic and commoditised to our markets and the industry in general.

The thing we believe sets us apart is ‘delivery.’ We deliver. We ask ourselves daily, ‘Did we deliver on our promise?’  ‘How was the journey for the customer?’ ‘A pleasant and exhilarating one, or a mission impossible full of half-baked promises?’

To us, the customer's journey is at the heart of our business mission.   

It is from these principles our company slogan developed - ‘innovating delivery’. This is the last major frontier for innovation. Now we don’t always get it right – we’re humans – hitches happen, but our message every day to our staff is ‘innovate delivery’. This is at the heart of our culture and we want to share it with you.’