BEG has assisted companies such as Huawei, Telone as well as other ICT providers with various Antenna Bracket Fabrication projects.  We have exported for these same companies to Malawi and Zambia. Typically, these brackets are hot dipped galvanized finish.


Boiler chimneys need to be designed and fabricated in a manner that aides erection in a modular and logical manner. BEG has the expertise to design the structural aspects from foundations to fabrication of the plate work to rigging these structures.

Roof sheeting profile and specification

castellated beam is a beam style where an I-beam is subjected to a longitudinal cut along its web following a specific pattern in order to divide it and reassemble the beam with a deeper web by taking advantage of the cutting pattern.  There are cost savings for the end user by increasing the performance of structures in this way.  BEG is kitted out with the necessary plasma cutting machinery to produce a range of castellated or cell beams.

Translucent Sheeting & Lighting options

BEG has a few standard designs of fuel canopies that are cost effective, quick and efficient to fabricate and install.  We have experience in designing and installing a number of different designs for customers such as Net Fuels, RAM Petroleum and Glow Petroleum to name a few.


BEG has installed pedestrian/fly over walkway bridges such as at the Old Mutual East Gate Centre.  These jobs involve a high degree of preparation and design and fabrication accuracy, as the must typically be installed over short duration periods whilst roads are closed off to traffic. See the Featured Projects section for more information.