Tobacco Tunnel

Project Overview: 26Ha Tunnel with one day green bay and a 54x30m Grading Shed Exported to Angola on 4 super link trucks.


  • This is a standard 26Ha tunnel which is a favourite among BE customers. It is a cost-effective, reliable tunnel that is simple to build, very efficient and easy to operate. This was the solution that the customer in Angola required as it was the first tunnel in Angola. The tunnel utilizes only one heatsource which consists of a 3.3m kettle with 3 banks of 3.3m x 1.8m of radiators. The furnace is stoked by a 300lb per hour stoker on an automated thermostat monitoring air and water temperature. There are 2x 3Hp fans and 1x2Hp fan blowing a maximum of 55 000cfm of air through the radiators into the tunnel.
  • On an 8-day cure (1 day in the green-bay, 7 days in the tunnel), the tunnel is capable of curing 15 trolleys with 180 clips of tobacco per day.